Bespoke Mobility Seating Solutions in North East England and North Yorkshire

The Carefree Mobility Services bespoke mobility seating team assesses each individual client in order to provide them with seating solutions that address their specific needs and requirements, taking into account their condition and their everyday routine. We provide special seating and pressure distribution cushions, based on clinical requirements and of course in direct accordance with local eligibility criteria.

We extend our services throughout the North East England and North Yorkshire Areas.

Your Partner in Bespoke Mobility Seating

We collaborate closely with service users, as well as their caretakers and family members, and other healthcare professionals and organisations. These include social care, education, the private sector and charities – we do this to better inform our bespoke mobility seating solutions and to help our customers achieve their own mobility and seating needs.

Bespoke Solutions For All Mobility Needs

At Carefree Mobility Services, we are specialised in helping provide individual care for all our customers. We understand that each client’s individual needs, requirements and conditions can vary hugely – these are all factors that must be accounted for when seeking mobility solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us in advance if you feel that prior preparations should be made for your visit to our location – our friendly and knowledgeable staff will make sure to undertake all necessary preparations and research necessary to arrive at a truly individualised solution to your seating needs.

We pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service, product after care and ongoing advice and recommendations to all our customers, as well as comprehensive and uncompromising maintenance and repair services.

Our Bespoke Mobility Seating Solutions

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