Class 2 Scooters in North East England and North Yorkshire

Mobility scooters come in two legal categories, Class 2 and Class 3. The differences in weight and power (and thereby speed) of the two enable them to be used in different environments, but also have different legal requirements for the driver.

At Carefree Mobility Services, we stock a range of Class 2 scooters. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will gladly help you find the scooter that suits your needs and can make any necessary adjustments to adjust it to your everyday routine and requirements.

What are Class 2 Scooters?

  • They are generally smaller, lighter and less powerful
  • They can be designed for indoor or outdoor use. If for indoors, they will have limited outdoor use and a lower distance range
  • Some Class 2 scooters can be dismantled or folded for transporting
  • Class 2 scooters can be used on the road (except where there is no pavement or to cross the road)
  • Outdoor Class 2 scooter models have the ability to climb curbs
  • Class 2 scooters have a top speed of 4 miles/hour (6.44 km/hour)
  • Class 2 scooters do not need to be registered with the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA)

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