Postural Support Chairs in North East England and North Yorkshire

At Carefree Mobility Services, we stock a wide array of postural support chairs designed to ensure an optimal balance of comfort, movement, stability and function – these are all outcomes of stimulating and encouraging good posture. The Carefree Mobility Services range of products enables an optimal balance of those needs while making sure to consider the practicality of the positioning equipment in everyday situations. Our staff make sure to take into account everyday routines, needs and requirements of customers in arriving at a product recommendation.

We extend our postural support chairs supply services throughout North East England and North Yorkshire.

Lasting Posture Solutions

At Carefree Mobility Services, we are fully considerate of the fact that postural support is an active, dynamic and ongoing process that promotes, enables and extends movement and function. Posture and movement are linked and are co-dependent on one another for adequate development and lasting function.

Individualised Recommendations

We appreciate the fact that posture is an ongoing development, and that every customer’s needs differ drastically depending on his or her everyday routines, physical state, objectives and domestic setup. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff is immensely knowledgeable about postural support chairs and will strive to match our customers with the product that best meets their specific requirements.

The postural support chairs we stock and supply are designed specifically to respond to and facilitate the constantly adjusting snapshots of posture and, ultimately, to provide true, 24-hour postural care and maintenance.

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