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At Carefree Mobility Services, we supply and provide our customers with a broad range of pressure relief products. Our pressure relief products are designed to relieve the constant pressure that is often applied unrelentingly to parts of the skin of patients are who lack mobility. The pressure relief products we stock ensures the user’s skin is not subjected to constant compression between the bone and the surface of their chair or seating – hugely important because, if deprived of oxygen, the tissue can develop sores or ulcers, which can cause lasting pain, aches, seepage, staining and even infection.

We extend our pressure relief products supply to customers throughout North East England and North Yorkshire.

How do pressure relief products work?

There are a number of factors to take into account when selecting a pressure relief product, including: conformity, moisture absorption, reduction of shear, overall stability, bottoming out, fire retardation, heat resistance, waterproofing, weight and more.

Effective pressure relief products function by conforming to the shape and movement of the body. Many of our products make use of gel cushions and overlays, which work on the principle that the weight of the user is distributed over the liquid or solid gel. The gel is then able to conform to the shape of the body, so that the pressure is evenly distributed over the entire area.

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