Pressure Support Chairs in North East England and North Yorkshire

At Carefree Mobility Services, we provide a range of pressure support chairs for customers across the physical disability spectrum – we pride ourselves in providing physical comfort and relief to our clientele, who may have little option but to remain sedentary, seated or supine for extended periods of time. The pressure support chairs we supply are designed specifically to prevent accumulation of pressure sores and ulcers when seated for prolonged periods of time, minimising any associated aches, pains and seepage. These chairs also serve to improve and maintain good and physically beneficial posture.

We extend our pressure support chair supply services to the North East England and North Yorkshire areas.

Benefits of Pressure Support Chairs

Pressure support chairs combine ergonomic, comfortable design with pressure cushions, which are a simple and affordable way of providing protection from serious ulcers and pain. All the pressure support chairs we stock are simple to use and install and can be adjusted to suit specific needs and mobility requirements.

We also offer separate cushions that are designed for wheelchairs or armchairs. These have a simple square design and fit compactly in any given seat or posterior receptacle. They are made from a variety of materials, including viscose, foam and gel. These wheelchair cushions allow for protection from pressure sores and can be used during any daily activity.

Benefits of Pressure Support Chairs

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    Individualised pressure support chair recommendations
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    Wide range of pressure support chair makes and models in stock
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    Knowledgeable and experienced staff
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    After care and ongoing maintenance and support services

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