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At Carefree Mobility Services, we provide quality, highly comfortable mobility scooters, individually tailored to customer requirements. We stock mobility scooters complete with adaptable modular suspension systems that can be adjusted to active, comfortable or extra suspension modes, and everything in between. As a result, our mobility scooters are suited to those travelling long distances and are great for people with painful or mobility limiting conditions such as back conditions, obesity, rheumatism, amputations and muscular disorders.

Regain Your Freedom of Movement

Mobility scooters are generally suitable for the physically disabled and the elderly who wish to regain some independence. With one of our mobility scooters, you will be amazed at how much more control you will have over your everyday life. Mobility scooters are an excellent means of retaining your independence, especially in urban areas. They allow you the ability to get out and about without any assistance. A simple shopping trip can be quite stressful, but with a mobility scooter, you have the pleasure of going around the shops without additional strain!

If you are unsure about which mobility scooter suits your needs, rest assured the friendly and highly knowledgeable staff at Carefree Mobility Services will provide you with a recommendation taking into account your specific needs, requirements and everyday routine. We pride ourselves on our ability to match the ideal products to customer needs!

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