Specialist Posture Products in North East England and North Yorkshire

We at Carefree Mobility Services understand the importance of balancing comfort, pressure relief, posture management and independence. We stock a broad variety of products for those purposes, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you find the ideal product for your particular needs and daily requirements, suited to your routine.

We extend our specialist posture product supply to customers throughout the North East England and North Yorkshire areas.

Uncompromising Posture Care

The Carefree Mobility Services approach to posture care entails a comprehensive, 24-hour approach to both day and night posture management. We believe that whatever seating, wheelchair or surface, customers must be safe, secure and minimise any risk of pressure-induced aches, pains, lesions or seepage, as well as being a functional and comfortable environment.

We understand fully the importance of striking an optimal balance between pressure relief, posture management, comfort, and independence. We stock makes of specialist posture products that are purpose-built with clinical considerations in mind. We also provide a tailored, individualised posture care solutions services, for special modifications based on individual requirements. Each tailored seating solution is entirely unique, and modifications can range from simple accessories such as seat wedges or footrests, or alterations to wheelchair structure.

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