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Carefree Mobility Services was founded in 2000. With over 15 years of experience in the mobility sector, we are committed to removing barriers and impediments to independence by sourcing and supplying the best possible mobility enabling products and services. As experienced and knowledgeable mobility providers with a wide supply network, we offer an extensive range of excellent products, alongside personalised service and ongoing after-sales support. We are dedicated suppliers of high quality mobility and disabled living aids including powered wheelchairs and bath lifts.

Lasting Posture Solutions

Carefree Mobility Services is a family run and owned mobility provider with an ethos based around providing the optimal equipment for each individual. We are firmly of the belief that it is incorrect and unethical to supply equipment to anybody without the correct assessment procedure having taken place. Failing to do so can be a contributory factor to making a client’s condition worse, instead of easing or solving their original problem. We refuse to sell products online, as we feel that we do not have the option of providing the personalised service those in need of mobility aids require.

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